The KIU Experience

The KIU Experience

Nowadays you need more than a strong academic qualification to achieve your potential as a graduate. That’s why we give you the opportunities to make the most of KIU and set yourself up for success throughout your life.

We give you….

Teaching by experts – You’ll be studying under some of the best minds of the industry who are backed by our research centre which aims to continue ground breaking advancements in your field of study. Working with them, you will find yourself being empowered and motivated to reach your goals more effectively.

Flexible, multi-disciplinary courses – At KIU you will find the opportunity to tailor your study programmes to match your career and academic goals. We provide a vast range of optional and multi-disciplinary course units which you would be able to successfully integrate to your study areas successfully.

Career development opportunities – We conduct many activities which help you not just to gain theoretical knowledge but also to apply them successfully in real life situations which is what employers look for. We often conduct workshops and offer you the opportunity to work as interns or even find placement opportunities to kick start your career. There are also many opportunities to get involved with country’s festivals, such as the Colombo Shopping Festival or the Galle Literary Festival.

Expand your borders – Courses at KIU are tailored in a way that will test your abilities to their full extent and allow you to develop new skills and competencies. Also, you have the unique option to combine a course unit that explores topics such as ethical leadership and social responsibility with our leadership programme.

Personalised learning – Our facilities such as the state-of-the-art Prof Sir Yoshiaki Sato Learning Commons and the ability to use tools such as our virtual learning environment which will provide study materials and activities will enable you to continue your studies any time of the day. Furthermore, the virtual learning environment will seek to supplement your studies by providing interactive sessions with our academic staff as well.

Quench your thirst about the world – At KIU you won’t be just part of a higher education institute, but a part of a true global community which will open you doors to experience other cultures and learn greatly from them. Our Academic staff will open your eyes to the latest developments happening across the world and allow you to explore much more than a conventional study programme would.

Extracurricular activities – At KIU we sincerely believe that there is no proper education without extracurricular activities. Our students union is one of the most active student unions in operation and there will be many events for you to take part in. Furthermore, our facilities such as Gymnasium will offer you the chance to explore many fitness programmes in addition to the facilities such as the Swimming Pool, which will allow you to strike a balance between relaxing and taking part in competitive sports.

We challenge you to…


  • take the initiative;
  • take charge of your learning and career development;
  • be proactive, seeking out opportunities beyond your course;
  • think critically;
  • question, reason and analyse;
  • play an active role in teams;
  • cultivate advanced written and verbal communication skills;
  • value integrity and be a responsible citizen of the world.

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