Research Centre


Our research is focused on having real world impact. We intend to be at the forefront of the search for solutions to a number of the world’s most pressing issues from efforts to address poverty to finding  energy solutions on the longer term. We hope to make a very significant contribution to creating a real difference in the standard of people’s lives.

We have the intention to be recognized at a worldwide level for the standard and volume of our pioneering analysis of issues. A number of items of  analysis of our senior college are recognized for originality and creativeness and KIU can produce the required environment for scholars and consultants to work in harmony and to produce top quality research publications. Several of our educational personnel are skilled researchers serving yet as tutors and lecturers, adding critical and scientific investigation into their specialist subjects and creating innovative discoveries that contribute to the growth of those subjects internationally.

Bringing research into the class room

The best international teaching and learning establishments are great research establishments, and KIU will fall firmly into that class in the years to come. Here you’ll combine with, and learn from, some of the brightest individuals in the world, in a very stimulating and sacred intellectual surrounding. You’ll be working with employees and members who are recognized internationally to be at the forefront of their subject, and who will incorporate the very latest thinking and discoveries directly into your course. We’ve got sturdy cooperative links with business and public services that support our research work  and make sure that your course is attuned with the wants of employers. And, to facilitate our analytical work, we invest considerably in equipment and other resources, a number of which are accessible for you to use.

Combining tradition with research

Sri Lanka is one of the few countries in the world which can lay claim to have been ahead of its times. Ancient Sri Lanka gave the world some ground-breaking technological innovations such as the pressure chamber in the irrigation reservoir known as bisokotuwa (invented afresh in the west only in relatively recent times). It had also developed  very efficacious systems of medical treatment particularly in orthopaedics. Our history tells us that this was a haven for medical practitioners who were unrivalled in their knowledge of the human body and illnesses. . We were able to cure diseases with the flora and fauna of the land, which were natural solutions. We aim to reinvigorate and conduct research into the ways of the old, especially into practices of Ayurvedic medicine which we hope will lead to discovering more effective and harm free medical practices and treatments. Our research will place a greater emphasis on areas such as identifying medicinal attributes of plants which are used in Ayurvedic medicine and to extract their active essence  to deliver more effective treatment.

Environmental sustainability

Our analytical work, teaching and allied activities are guided by our commitment to environmental sustainability. We encourage everybody at KIU – lecturers, researchers, skilled support employees and students – to exert a positive impact on the surroundings and to contribute to its sustainability.

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