Our Commitment to Excellence

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Our Commitment

KIU is a unique institution that from its inception will strive to chart distinct pathways to academic excellence. The wider goal is to expand higher education opportunities in Sri Lanka, in support of the Sri Lankan government’s vision of making Sri Lanka the “Knowledge Hub” of Asia. It will truly become a higher education institute for anyone who is qualified and open to study in professional, practical and scientific areas.

The origins of KIU can be traced to the vision of its founder Professor Sir Yoshiaki Sato, M.D., Ph.D,FNAI; whose desire was to incorporate practical, medical and allied education into an institution of higher learning. Today KIU has become a reality, unique among institutions of higher education, with a mandate to offer a variety of learning opportunities to local and foreign students alike.

We are committed to serve the discerning students with a sense of uncompromisable public service mission. Many words have been used to describe the nature of this institution as a whole: complex, creative, entrepreneurial, eminent, and engaged. We intend to become and remain one of the most distinguished and preeminent institutions of higher education in the nation and the region. Our complexity, diversity, and comprehensiveness are a fountainhead of creativity and innovation.

Our Vision

KIU’s aspiration is “To be the conduit in Higher Education and Professional Development of the highest quality appropriate to global needs”.

Faculty, staff, and students will thrive at KIU because of its unparalleled combination of quality and breadth; its high standards; its open, collaborative, and innovative culture; the opportunities provided by beautiful, vibrant surroundings; and programmes that extend to local and international students across the globe.

Our Mission

KIU is dedicated to “Become the No: 1 private sector university in Sri Lanka offering World Class Higher Education whilst creating accessibility to higher education to deserving students locally and internationally resulting in increased social equity & mobility”

Our Core Values

Our core values represent “what we stand for as an institution”


However, at KIU we will not stop there. We want our students who successfully complete their studies at KIU to integrate these values to their lives and always strive to do even better.

We are Innovators

Innovation is the light which illuminates the path to the future. We aim to constantly innovate and to incorporate new ideas in our journey towards excellence.

We are Environmentalists

We stand for the environment, we fight for the environment and most of all we care for the environment.

We are explorers

Exploring is learning itself, we believe that an explorer will travel and experience things far more than a follower would.

We embrace technology

Technological marvels have been the driving force of the world, as such we aim to embrace it and reap its rewards for you.

We are Perfectionists

We do not settle, we will always strive to do better and not rest until we reach excellence.

We promote Diversity

The beauty of the world lies in its diversity and we aim to provide you with the best we have to offer.

We are a family

At KIU we are all united as one and work in harmony towards our goal.

­­We are Accountable

We are accountable to students, to each other and to the public.


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