Prof Sir Yoshiaki Sato M.D, Ph.D. has been awarded the “Charter Fellow of National Academy of Inventors” in recognition of his invention of revolutionary KAATSU methodology and philosophy.

KAATSU is a novel medical practice which is gaining worldwide recognition and accolades.

Professor Sir, Yoshiaki Sato M.D., Ph.D, FNAI who initially conducted experiments on himself to obtain empirical evidence. Followed by 4 decades of research on KAATSU, now holds 47 patents related to KAATSU medical practice.


National Academy of Inventors is a nonprofit organization compromising of international universities, government and non-governmental organizations and other institutions. Its primary goal is to grant recognition to great scientists, researchers and innovators. Currently there are 414 fellows recognised worldwide who are spread across over 150 institutions.

KAATSU practices uses a combination of computer controlled belts and machines to apply pressure to arms and legs and temporarily reduce blood flow. KAATSU training in particular has gained substantial popularity due to the ability to replicate the benefits of high intensity workouts while only engaging in low intensity workouts. Persons who engage in KAATSU training do not experience any of the difficulties of high intensity workouts such as pain or tissue damage.

KAATSU’s recognition around the world can be attributed simply to its potential to utilize drug and supplement free training methods and as a result, KAATSU research centres which formerly operated in the University of Tokyo, Japan, now operate in Harvard Medical School, USA and Jilin University, China as well. Furthermore, accredited Training Centres now operate in Denmark to offer certificate level courses to the Scandinavian country cluster, namely Denmark, Sweden and Norway.

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