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KIU has given me a tremendous amount of motivation to achieve my goals. It opened my eyes and taught me to believe that “Nothing is impossible” in this world. I have had the opportunity to work with the most amazing personalities over the last two years. Eventually, I know I could achieve my career goals due to KIU values.

I have learned that hard work breeds success; we have the environment and the support.  It’s a rewarding experience to taste success after hard work.

With many accomplishments in the future, I hope to reach a senior position in my career with KIU. I hope to raise my performance to create an everlasting impact at KIU.  KIU is my life.

Nethmini Nilwala Perera

Assistant Registrar – Academic Services


As someone who was there from the very start, I was able to witness firsthand the commitment KIU had towards developing a centre of excellence in Higher education.

I am fortunate to benefit immensely and develop myself as an all-rounder during my time with KIU and I’m proud to say it has laid the foundations to success in my life

Chandana Egodahewa

Manager – IT Department


I joined KIU as an accountant more than three and a half years ago and from day one, we were all focused on making KIU a place that would serve as monument to higher education.

I was amazed as to the team spirit at KIU and we were always encouraged to try different things and be truly capable of handling many tasks.  Today I am grateful for this encouragement I received, as it has been the reason the drove me to become a true professional.

Gayathri Salmali

Assistant Director Finance


When I joined KIU, it had just started and I am proud to see the excellent level KIU has reached today. We overcame challenging times together and for me what is unique about KIU is that it has always been quick to recognize and reward the effort by its staff and this has allowed me to rise to the position of Assistant Director of International relations department.

Hasitha Walpola

Assistant Director – International Relations

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