International Outreach Partners


International Outreach

Prof. Sir Yoshiaki Sato, Chancellor of KIU and KICJ at the Tokyo Head Quarters receiving KIU Constitution presented by Dr. Jagath Seneviratne (Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of KIU)

KIU believes in reaching out to those of you who would wish to study in your own cities. We will be gradually introducing outreach partners who will be offering some of our flagship courses at your own university or higher education institute.

The first outreach campus of KIU will be opening soon in Tokyo to offer Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Medical Science in KAATSU degree programme to Japanese students. KAATSU training is very popular in Japan with many professional trainers wanting to convert their professional knowledge into a degree level qualification. KAATSU International Campus, Japan will further offer many Ayurveda courses which are also sought after by Japanese students. KIU will be offering many pioneering degree programmes, which will include a BSc (Hons) in Kyokoshinkaikan Sports Science degree, a very special form of martial arts extremely popular in Japan and practiced in over 100 countries worldwide.

KIU is also in the process of building an affiliated delivery centre in Denmark, to deliver many KAATSU courses to Scandinavian students. The centre agreements have been signed and course will be available in 1st quarter 2016 through this KIU affiliated Delivery centre.

Further centres are being discussed in India, Malaysia, Nigeria and the Eastern European countries to take on specific education products, as KIU continues to build its legacy with its unique brand of pioneering education programmes, to meet the emerging global needs.

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