Student Support

Student Service Center

We want to make sure that every individual who comes to KIU receives all the support they require. Our Student Services Centre at the Office of the Registrar is the single point of contact for your administrative dealings with us, including questions relating to finance, immigration, student ID cards, library memberships, text books, exams or graduation.

Counseling Service Unit

At the KIU counseling unit our objective is to address your needs as promptly as possible. Our Counselors possess extensive experience in providing counsel for students and as such you will be in safe hands.  We understand that higher education can be stressful at times and this is why we have taken to establish one of the best counseling service units in the country. We are proud to recognise that our counselors’ levels of service far exceed the levels in the industry and this ensures you will be assisted by a counselor who not only counsels but truly cares about your wellbeing as well as the academic progression.  It’s our objective to ensure that you are in the best possible environment to continue your studies and make your stay in Sri Lanka one of the most memorable experiences you will have in your life regardless of your ethnic background, gender, race, age, sexual orientation, religion, citizenship, or disability.

Childcare Unit

KIU offer you on- campus childcare facilities at KIU Childcare Unit for the parents who are studying at KIU. It will give you peace for your mind to concentrate on your studies. For the moment, we accept children aged between 3 months and one year and the parents who are using KIU Childcare Unit have to come up with a babysitter.

Health Services

The KIU provides a full range of primary care medical services through registered medical centers including prescriptions for all medication, blood tests, direct access to x-ray, MRI scans, travel vaccination and advice on counseling and mental health.

Disability support

If you have additional needs arising from a medical condition, a specific learning difficulty or any kind of problem that you feel may cause difficulties for your studies, our Disability support office at the Health Care unit is well equipped to deal with and provide a solution to your problem. We encourage all applicants to inform us of these issues at the time of applications to arrange in advance any solutions you may require. Regardless of this you may contact us or approach us any time in confidence to seek a solution applicable to you.

IT services

The KIU places great importance on the provision of computing facilities for undergraduates study and will offer a portable computer at the point of registration for your use. The PCs all have an impressive range of software and courseware provided to meet both general needs and the need of particular degrees. Web access, printing facilities are all available to support student learning. Email and file storage as well as many other web resources can be accessed both on and off campus.

Student Affairs Division

The Student Affairs Division attached to the Office of the Registrar maintains the personal and academic records of all KIU students. Any change of address, medium of study, civil status, e-mail address, withdrawal from courses, etc., should be immediately informed in writing to Assistant Registrar, Student Affairs Division.

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