Founders Message

Founder’s Message


I feel very proud and privileged to have been able to establish the KIU in Sri Lanka fully supported by Dr. Jagath Seneviratne who is an enterprising student of mine. It is very fortunate that I was able to discover through meticulous research, a medical practice which helps people who suffer from various ailments to overcome them and to lead healthy lives. My joy in being the discoverer of such a unique medical treatment may perhaps be only second to my joy in establishing the KIU, which as a Higher Education Institute will advance my own discoveries as well as produce gifted individuals who will contribute to the wellbeing of people and betterment of the world.

I thank the Sri Lankan Government for their continued support to establish the KIU and subsequent recognition of KAATSU Medical Practice as a Degree programme. Granting of recognition to the degree programme is a revolutionary step which will no doubt contribute significantly towards improving quality of life of the people throughout the world.

It is my hope to expand the KIU as an international forum for research and a specialised centre for advocating the practice of KAATSU to improve the health and day-to-day life of human beings. Everyone at KIU including myself shares the vision and ambition not only to make KIU one of the best in South Asia but also to place it among the best Halls of Learning in the world.

Prof. Sir Yoshiaki Sato M.D.,Ph.D.,FNAI
Chancellor of KIU
Inventor of KAATSU Methodology and Philosophy

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