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Psychology by definition is known as the scientific study of mind & behavior in context. It is a multidimensional subject which comprises of many sub fields such as clinical psychology, child & educational psychology, forensic psychology, organizational psychology, sports psychology, social psychology and cognitive psychology.  Each topic in psychology is studied from a variety of perspectives, each perspective comprising  their own set of assumptions regarding human behaviour and methods of studying human behaviour.  Further as psychology is considered to be scientific in nature, it attempts to study the causes of behaviour by employing a variety of systematic and objective procedures in gathering and analyzing data as well as firmly supporting findings with empirical evidence.

The multifaceted nature of psychology creates a wide range of carrier paths in a variety of fields. As psychology is a developing field and applies to all aspects of life candidates enrolling for a Bachelors Degree in Psychology can venture into fields such as clinical psychology, research, education sector, health sector, law enforcement, counselling, business sector etc.

The department offers a Bachelors of Science Honours Degree in Psychology, which is based on a UGC approved curriculum. The programme is delivered by a panel of PhD, MPhil and MSc qualified lecturers whose highest qualification is in the field of psychology. Most lecturers are Sri Lanka Medical Council ( SLMC ) registered professionals in the field of clinical psychology and have published research studies in international medical journals.

The department further extends its work to serve the community by conducting workshops and awareness programs on topics of interest or concern.

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