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Acupuncture is known across the world as a form of alternative medicine which originated in China and expanded to other countries over time. Acupuncture forms a key element in Chinese traditional medicine and is used mostly as a tool to alleviate pain. The practice of Acupuncture sets out to treat diseases by balancing the forces of life otherwise known as qi or chi. One of the most iconic practices used by acupuncture is the use of inserted needles in specific points of the body to release the blockage of Chi to restore the balance within the body.

Department of Medical Science in Acupuncture of KIU is dedicated to produce internationally accepted acupuncture practitioners to meet the global demands in health. Therefore this department has designed a number of programmes in order to cater to a wider range of student population imparting knowledge  and skills in Acupuncture at different levels.

These programmes are so designed with a view to making this field of study comprehensive . On-campus teaching and training is combined with  Distance Mode teaching and training. E-learning of theories in some of these courses is combined with on-campus clinical training while maintaining the standards of programmes. We also provide necessary flexibility to permit students to pursue their course of interest.

Course Description

The Department of Medical Science in Acupuncture, now offers several courses for students who are interested in becoming acupuncture practitioners and for persons interested in obtaining a recognized academic qualification in Acupuncture. Our courses are designed to provide you with a deep and thorough understanding in the basics of Acupuncture such as human structures, functions and diagnosis of diseases as well as advanced techniques in the practice of Acupuncture.  Our academic Staff hold the highest qualifications in the field of study and will ensure within the duration of the course that you are equipped to practice and uphold the values of Acupuncture upon successful completion of Study.

Acupuncture courses offered by KIU have been designed in accordance with the guidelines laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO) as well as global standards for several international study programmes.

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