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Study of Languages has become one of the most attractive areas in the modern world as the world grows smaller and career opportunities open up overseas.  Many people seek to study languages as a supplement to their existing areas of expertise, while some are interested in pursuing languages as a career as well. Study of languages serves to expand your options in a competitive career market as it allows you opportunities to explore the possible career options you may not have otherwise in other countries.

One of the commonly faced problems in pursuing studies in Languages is the lack of reputable education institutes which possess high  academic standards. This has caused considerable difficulties to the wishes of the many who seek a world class education in languages and as a result has stopped their progress in a world which is truly global.

Course Description

KIU has recognized the growing demand for study of languages in Sri Lanka and the department currently offers a diploma in English for students who are interested. Our courses are tailor made to fit your goals in learning a language by committing a highly qualified academic staff as well as curriculums designed to equip you with the knowledge of and the practical ability to use a language.

The Language department, with a vision to plan ahead of the times, will be adding courses in other languages in due course, giving you multiple options to choose and enhance your career and prepare you to be a global citizen.

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