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Everyone in todays’ world wants to have an education which is recognized, enables them to progress in their careers and serves their goals and objectives in life. However, while some people are interested in learning, some people want to learn and then teach. This is precisely the reason KIU has taken steps to establish a department of education under the faculty of education and languages.

We recognize that while regular courses attract the most number of students, learning how to teach is always an indisputably important factor. KIU believes in producing global citizens and through our education department as well the goal is the same. We intend to create world class tutors and grant more opportunities to pursue careers abroad as well.

In line with our vision, KIU will be introducing a course in Early Childhood mathematics which is tailored to not only suit professionals in the teaching sector but also any and all interested persons such as even parents. This course is to be conducted in affiliation with Japanese counterparts of the KIU will offer you the chance to learn and incorporate the very best educational practices the world has to offer.

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