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The Higher Diploma Course in Biomedical Sciences provides a specific pathway towards the Bachelor of Science Honours in Biomedical Science program offered by KIU.
This diploma is designed for the benefit of local and international students, with a background to give a high amount of knowledge and practical skills in different disciplines related to Human Biology and medicine.

Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science will be covered within five semesters of the degree programme.

Higher Diploma students who wish to continue on to the degree can do so after completing the Higher Diploma and on payment of the remaining course fee for the degree programme.


 Course Curriculum

1. Anatomy
2. Physiology
3. Laboratory Safety
4. Basic Chemistry
5. General and Systematic Microbiology 1
6. Biochemistry
7. Clinical Biochemistry 1
8. Instrumentation

9. Immunology
10. General Pathology
11. Clinical Biochemistry 2
12. Basic Hematology
13. Basic Pharmacology
14. General and Systematic Microbiology 2
15. Systemic Pathology
16. Parasitology

  Payment Plans

Payment Plan for Local Students

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Payment Plan for Foreign Students

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  Academic Staff 

 proniluka Prof. Neluka Fernando
PhD, Diploma in Medical Microbiology, MBBS
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Senate Member – KIU

Dr. Jananie Kottahachchi
MBBS (Sri Lanka),
Diploma in Medical Microbiology (Colombo),
MD in Medical Microbiology (Colombo)
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Prof P. M. Jayaweera
B.Sc. (Honors) Special degree in Chemistry (Sri Lanka),
Ph.D in Chemistry (UK)
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. Shamini Prathapan
MD (Community Medicine), Master of Science (Community Medicine), MBBS
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. M.V.S.C. Pathirage
MD (Medical Microbiology) , Diploma in Medical Microbiology, MBBS
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
 Dr. Bimalka Dr. Bimalka S. Seneviratne
MD ( Histopathology), Diploma in Pathology, MBBS
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. Manjula Weerasekara
PhD, (Mole. Med.), MPhil (Microbiology), BSc (Microbiology)
Visiting Lecturer – KIU

Dr. H.W.C.K.  Kulathilake
MD (Pathology ), Haematology   Diploma in Pathology, MBBS
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. W. A. D. Lakmali Amarasiri
MBBS (Kelaniya), Ph.D (Kelaniya)
Senior Lecturer in Physiology (Grade I)
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
 Mrs Ms. Nadeeka Randeva
BSc (Hons ) in Human Biology (FMS -USJP)
Lecturer (Probationary)
Ms. Nirmani Samarakoon
BPharm(FMS – USJP)
Lecturer (Probationary)

Higher Diploma Details


Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science

Entry Requirements

The entry requirements of the Higher Diploma in Biomedical Science are as follows.

Three passes at G.C.E Advanced Level in Bioscience stream or;

Equivalent qualification for international students.


2 1/2 Years- Full time


61 Credits

Delivery Medium


Contact Details




+94112741878 Ext: 104