The diet plays a very critical role in wellness and affects a person’s health in many ways. People in ancient times had a healthy dietary pattern that has come down from generation to generation. It satisfied their tastes and the nutritional needs too.  Ayurveda has more to offer right from the food principle relating to the life force ( Prana ) of living beings to the attitude towards eating. It nourishes the body, mind and spirit Ayurveda requires  food or diet to be personalized.

Lack of awareness of healthy dietary patterns, among food formulating & preparing professionals leads to sickness of other people. On the other hand with busy life styles issues & needs of human beings have changed. Therefore the traditional food pattern has been replaced by fast food, semi synthetic pro foods; which are the main cause of  Non Communicable diseases.

The diet  should be such that health follows naturally and does not produce diseases. Therefore to eliminate many  health problems affecting the world the use of Ayurvedic food technology should be introduced and  encouraged.


 Aims and Objectives:

  • To introduce fundamental concepts of Ayurvedic food technology,
  • To upgrade the professional status of food formulating & preparing personnel,
  • To introduce a “healthy meal ‘’ by demonstrating 12 traditional health enhancing food recipes.

 Course Curriculum

  1. Fundamentals Of Food Technology
  2. Demonstration Of Ayurveda Food Recipes
  3. Practicals Of Ayurveda Cooking

  Payment Plans

Plan A

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  Academic Staff 

Dr. Thilani S. Warusavithana
Head of Department – KIU


Programme Details



Certificate Course in Food Technology

Entry Requirements

Should be 18+
Completed Secondary School
Working Experience as a Chef


2 Weeks


6 Credits(120hrs)

Delivery Medium


Contact Department




+94112741878 Ext: 104