The global demand for a care giver is high as the elderly population is increasing as a result of modern advances in health & medicine. Hence pursuing a career as a caregiver is advantageous  as it is well recognized and is rewarding financially as well. Furthermore, as a caregiver you will also be in a position to care for those who are in need, acquiring for oneself a personal and moral satisfaction  as well.

Elderly care giving is different in many ways from care that is delivered in other areas of practice, and so requires the development of specific knowledge and skills. In spite of the increasing need very few people are available in society with the appropriate knowledge in elderly care. Seeking elderly caregivers is a growing trend in most of the developed countries. Since the Sri Lankan government is seeking for qualified people to be sent abroad as skilled workers, we believe that this is an area of urgent need and of a great demand.

Our objective is to provide you with a comprehensive knowledge of the practices involved in Elderly Care giving and to enable you to obtain a professional qualification as an Elderly Care Giver.

 Course Curriculum

  1. Fundamentals Of Elderly Caring
  2. Demonstration Of Environment Setting For Elders
  3. Practical Of Actively Ageing Techniques

  Payment Plans

  Academic Staff 

Ms. T.V. Gamage
BSc (Hons) Nursing
Lecturer (Probationary) – KIU

Programme Details



Certificate in Elderly Caregiver

Entry Requirements



6 Months



Delivery Medium


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For International Students 



+94112741878 Ext : 104