couseThis unique programme is specifically designed for practitioners of all types such as paramedics and students who would like to enhance their practice skills in Acupuncture. The wide variety of patients they encounter during their clinical training in Sri Lanka will improve their knowledge in clinical Diagnostics and Acupuncture.

 Course Curriculum

  1. Techniques of Acupuncture
  2. Acupuncture meridians and collaterals
  3. Ancillary Techniques

  Payment Plans

  Academic Staff 

 Dr. Indrapala
Dr.C  Indrapala
MBBS, Pg Diploma in Acupuncture
Head of Department of Medical Science in Acupuncture
Director International Affairs – KIU
Senate Member – KIU
Dr. June A. Kelly
Diploma in Fitness Nutrition, Diploma in Shiatsu, (D.AC), Dip in Acupuncture, RTP, BSc Natural Health Science, PhD, ND, (R.AC)
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. H.A.D.T.D Ariyasingha
MBBS, Diploma in Acupuncture, Certificate Course in Palliative Care Medicine
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
 Prof.-Neluka-200x250 Prof. S.S. Neluka Fernando
PhD, Diploma in Medical Microbiology, MBBS.
Professor in Microbiology,
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Senate Member – KIU


Dr. T. D. C. Prabhashinie Gunasekara
MBBS, Diploma in Medical Microbiology, MD in Medical Microbiology
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr.  M. Manoji Weerasekara
Ph.D. in Molecular Medicine, M. Phil. in Microbiology, B.Sc. In Microbiology
Visiting Lecturer – KIU


Dr. G. I. D.D. A. D. Athukorala
MBBS, PgD in Medical Microbiology
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. Thushari Dissanayaka
MBBS, Diploma in Medical Microbiology, MD in Medical Microbiology
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
 Dr. Bimalka Dr. Bimalka Samanthi Seneviratne
MD (Histopathology), Diploma in Pathology, MBBS.
Senior Lecturer and Consultant Pathologist
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Dr. Ranjini Amarakoon
PhD (Food Science & Technology), MSc (Food Science &Technology), BSc (Agric Special)
Visiting Lecturer – KIU


Mrs. W.C.C. Navaratna
PhD in Statistics, PgD in Applied Statistics, BSc (Special) Degree in Mathematics
Visiting Lecturer – KIU
Mr. Nelson De Silva
BSc in Agriculture, MPhil in Communication
Visiting Lecturer – KIU

Mr. M.A. Siriwardhana
B Pharm
Visiting Lecturer – KIU


Programme Details



Certificate in Clinical Competency in Acupuncture

Entry Requirements
(for international students and practitioners only)

Beginners should be 18 and over;
has completed high school education
Should be a Practitioner of Acupuncture


Beginners – 28 days
(theory hours 45, practical hours 135)
Practitioner – 14 days

Delivery Medium


Contact Details


+94112741878 Ext : 415