Academic Strategy

Faculty Excellence

The cornerstone of KIU Academic Strategy is the upholding of faculty excellence at KIU. We have from the onset set about establishing a truly global standard by recruiting experienced academic staff and will continue to do so with anticipations of possible retirements in the future.

We believe our faculty excellence relies heavily on the quality of the academic staff and we have ensured that retention efforts are put in place to retain our most valued academic staff. Such planning for the future allows us to identify the issues that may occur and to have suitable mechanisms in place to counter such issues and grow as a centre of excellence in Higher education.

Educational Excellence

At KIU we value educational excellence above all else as we exist to enrich and nourish the students that come to us for a fulfilling education. By combining international students and local students, KIU will offer every student the opportunity to familiarise themselves with a true global community as well as experience other cultures and gain insight to them.

We believe that the educational excellence comes not only from the academic staff but also by a balance which allows students to focus on their studies as well as provide an outlet for the stresses involved. One of the most troubling aspects of student life is for most students, coping with the amount of stress that accompanies pursuing higher studies. However, at KIU we have planned many extracurricular activities directed to address this issue. Our students will always be our priority and every student will get the highest individual attention to ensure we address every issue promptly.

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