The inaugural meeting of the KAATSU Research Committee was held on 14th October 2016 at the Senate room of KIU with the objective of performing research on finding further evidence for the effectiveness of KAATSU Training on the body and mind. Committee decided to carry out various research covering different age groups to find out benefits KAATSU Training can generate. Dr. Jagath Seneviratne highlighted that KAATSU training is renowned to enhance athletic performance, muscle building, faster recovery from injuries and illnesses and maintain a healthy lifestyle and that the main objective of the research group would be to carry out research to get Medical Science in KAATSU to the world. In this regard already KIU has achieved a milestone in obtaining the Bachelor of Science Honours Medical Science in KAATSU degree in Sri Lanka, the first time it has been recognized as a Medical Science in the world.

Members present at the inaugural meeting were,

  • Dr. P. Rasika Perera                                                                   Director Examinations
  • PhD (Biochemistry), MBBS
    Senior Lecturer in Biochemistry
  • Committee Chair


  • Professor Neluka Fernando                                                    Vice Chancellor
  • PhD (London), MBBS, Dip in Medical Microbiology
    Professor in Microbiology


  • Dr. C. Indrapala                                                                            Head – Department of Acupuncture
  • MBBS, PgD (Acupuncture)


  • Dr.Jagath Seneviratne                                                               Managing Director
  • B.A., M.A., Ph.D.
  • Certified KAATSU Trainer
  • Head (Practical) – Department of Medical Science in KAATSU
  • South Asian Representative in KAATSU


  • Mr. Yohan Sanjaya                                                                        KAATSU Insrtuctor


  • Ms. Gayathri Salmali                                                                    Assistant Director of Finance
  • B.Sc. Business Administration
  • Committee Secretary

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