As the newest addition to the higher education sector, KIU has started its mission to become the #1 ranked university in Sri Lanka. KIU started its journey offering certificate courses, diplomas and degrees in Ayurveda, Acupuncture, and Nursing in Sri Lanka. Now, it’s spreading its wings into many diverse subject areas including degrees in Biomedical Science, Psychology, Management, and IT, becoming a professional body offering quality education in diverse spheres. KIU believes in adapting to change and looking at new trends and requirements in the educational and professional grounds. As a result, KIU has set about equipping students with the most the crucial skills needed in the developing world, and proficiency in English is one such.

In most cases, primary and secondary education is followed in our native language, whereas the higher studies are conducted in English. Further, even the current job market of any field has become competitive due to the crucial need of proficiency in English. Moreover, knowledge and skills in areas such as self-awareness, leadership, and group dynamics has become a crucial part in adapting and excelling in university as well as transcending in the professional life.

Therefore, with the hope of building a youth generation equipped with proficiency in English and outstanding personal and professional growth, on 17th of March, 2016, KIU took the initiative of launching the first-ever, Pre-degree Induction programme for its first batch of freshers who are willing to pursue higher education. The main focus of this programmr was to improve the students’ English proficiency, along with preparing them for undergraduate studies in Sri Lanka through enhancing personal growth. The key note speech was delivered  by Dr. C. Indrapala, Head of Department of Medical science in Acupuncture and International affairs at KIU where he highlighted the importance of being proficient in English, while sharing experiences from his undergraduate life.. The first day of the programme was dedicated to interactive sessions on personal development, which the students found vastly insightful. It was a fun filled programme for the students as the session was comprised of many interactive sessions based on the concept of self, leadership, and communication. The focal point of the first day was the guest speech by Mr. Fareen Mohideen, Senior Manager and Head of Data of Bharti Airtel Lanka. As a graduate of University of Colombo, who later pursued his career in marketing and management, and excelled in it, his experiences was an inspiration as well as a motivation for the students to not only dream big but also how to fathom their dreams.


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