University Grants Commission of Sri Lanka has always been one of the most renowned institutions in the world for granting of recognition to Higher education institutes. As such its qualification has been validated throughout the world. Continuing this proud tradition Maldives Qualifications Authority has now accepted UGC approval as a valid qualification in Maldives, opening up a great pathway for Maldivian students to visit Sri Lanka to continue or further their studies.

KIU, has always prided itself in delivering locally developed and UGC approved degree programmes. This pride stems from the fact that Sri Lanka’s education and its literacy rates have continuously remained at the top of the charts worldwide. As such our commitment to adhere to the UGC standards will continue ensuring any student that enrolls at KIU Is not only pursuing an academic knowledge but guarantee its validity throughout the world.

BScHons  (Nursing) degree programme is rapidly gaining momentum in both Sri Lanka and abroad and especially in Maldives and with the Maldives qualification authority recognizing approval of UGC, we believe Maldivian students have now been presented with a golden opportunity to further their careers and improve their academic knowledge by enrolling at KIU and experiencing the superior academic level that we offer.

For more details please contact the Maldives Qualification Authority

Contact Address:

Maldives Qualifications Authority

Ministry of Education

2nd Floor, H. Velaanaage,

Ameer Ahmed Magu,

Male’ 20027,

Republic of Maldives.

Phone Number :+(960)334-4077

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