At a recent visit to Tokyo, Dr. Jagath Seneviratne, Managing Director / Chief Executive Officer of KIU met with Professor Sir Yoshiaki Sato M.D., Ph.D, FNAI to discuss the modalities of delivery. These meetings were attended by Dr. Morita, Dean of KICJ and other coordinating staff where curricula and timetables were discussed in detail. Students taking 6 semesters at KICJ will be transferred to KIU Colombo to complete the last semester and the final examinations. Students will return to Japan after the convocation in Sri Lanka, armed with the Bachelor of Science Honours in Medical Science in KAATSU, the 1st ever degree in KAATSU.

Professor Sir Yoshiaki Sato, Inventor of KAATSU Philosophy & Methodology and Chancellor of KIU, Dr. Toshiaki Nakajima, Associate Professor of Department of Ischemic Circulatory Physiology, University of Tokyo and Professor Toshihiro Morita, MD, PhD., Representative Director, CEO in Medical Information Japan Company Limited with Dr. Jagath Seneviratne, Managing Director, Chief Executive Officer of KIU at discussions.

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