KIU commenced its 1st European Accreditation Centre for KAATSU Training in Denmark on June 2015 with Mr. Michael Schewitsch of Denmark who is a professional trainer and a Certified KAATSU Professional.

A lawyer by profession, Mr. Schewitsch obtained his KAATSU certification through KIU in March / April 2015 having obtained the Certificate in Basic KAATSU Practice.  Mr. Schewitsch’s passion which has been body-building, bought him into the concept of KAATSU training and immediately he went on to set up an Accredited Training Centre in Denmark to offer certificate level course to the Scandinavian country cluster, namely Denmark, Sweden and Norway. These countries where fitness is a passion among men and women alike, Mr. Schewitsch will take the KAATSU training methodologies to the masses and intends to create a new culture of KAATSU training in Scandinavia.


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