“Good management is the art of making problems so interesting and their solutions so constructive that everyone wants to get to work and deal with them.” 
Paul Hawken

With the globalization and rapid changes in socio – economic environment, today we are stepping to a new era where predictions of the future are oblivion.  Due to the drastic development of technology, organizations confront various problems and competitions globally as well as locally. Therefore, in today’s context organizations need to put their maximum effort not to earn profits but to survive in this highly vibrant market place. Nevertheless, management assists to reduce burdens of these challengers that arise due to rapid changes.


Hence, the owners and the stake holders of the organizations pay considerable attention to manage finance, human resource, technology, time and other resources effectively and efficiently. Management is a universal phenomenon which can be seen globally. We in our houses, schools or in the organizations have to manage many things if not we may face unnecessary dilemma. Simply, without management we cannot even build up a relationship.

Furthermore, to be successful students, businessmen or even to be successful housewives we need to know the art of managing resources. Further, management is a continuous process, it remains until the organization operates. On the other hand management is a goal oriented and has dynamic concepts, which play a role in achieving predetermined goals. Consequently, management has spread over a vast area covering several disciplines such as human resource, marketing and economics etc.

As the name implies human resource management utilize human resources in organization efficiently and effectively in order to achieve goals and objectives. In any organization human resource is the most important and valuable asset. Therefore, managing employees within the organization directly influences the success of the organization. As a result, organizations concentrate on hiring and retaining best talents in their organizations. Consequently, universities and other educational institutes have identified this issue and opened up opportunities to study this challenging subject. However, those institutes are not yet in a position to fulfill the demands for job opportunities in the human resource management field.

As we all know without management studies no one can be successful in the business environment. As the heart of the every business, marketing plays a major role in increasing the awareness about the company brand name which ultimately leads to generate profits. In addition, marketing is a big umbrella which covers sales, advertising and public relations. Through marketing organizations can increase their sales, develop ideal customer list and it helps to keep the organization competitive within the market. Production largely depends on marketing. Therefore marketing is an interesting subject to observe customer buying patterns and attitudes. Students are highly focused about studying marketing subjects these days as there are many job opportunities with more benefits in the job market for the marketing field.

Additionally, as a management discipline Accounting has a tremendous impact on the business by assisting to decrease their operational cost and increasing their financial returns.  Further, accounting is an integral part of any organization which is mainly suitable for people who have an eye for detail and love to work with numbers. Furthermore, there are more career opportunities emerging for the accounting field.

As a renowned university KIU which consists of experienced and qualified lectures, opens the door for you by offering the degree programmes Bachelor of Management Honours in Human Resource, Bachelor of Management Honours in Marketing, Bachelor of Management Honours in Accounting approved by the Ministry of Higher Education, Sri Lanka. Moreover, students who are willing to follow any degree programme out of the above three can register for the batch of 2016 now and definitely this would be a valuable opportunity and ideal place to get your degree. If you are interested in what KIU offers, you can visit to www.kiu.lk or log on to our official Facebook page. Furthermore, KIU is pleased to welcome you at the head office which is located at 249/1, Malabe Road, Thalangama North, Koswatta, Battaramulla, 10120, Sri Lanka.


Ms. Vimansha Ranasinghe

BSc Human Resource Management (Special) , USJP

Lecturer (Probationary)




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