We are committed firmly to gaining worldwide recognition for ourselves through our research projects and to introducing ground breaking advances we accomplish, to our study courses in order to ensure that our students gain access to the results of the latest advances in research.

Our unique approach in our study courses, based on problem solving, will prepare you fully for the competitive job market and make you an attractive proposition for prospective employers.  And, best of all, you’ll get to experience all of this at the heart of Sri Lanka’s most popular student city, Malabe, 12 kilometers south of the commercial capital, Colombo.

KIU endowed with a conducive environment for learning, will offer everything you need for both your studies and your leisure time. We will have around 2,000 students, a large number of them coming from foreign countries within the next 5 years, creating a village within a city where a multi-cultural community comes together to study and relax. You will enjoy a truly global experience similar to what you will get in any international higher education institute, right here in Sri Lanka.

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